Food & Beverage Processing

We serve the food and beverage industries of Atlantic Canada with top-end sanitary welding, equipment fabrication, and more.

Our Services

Complete Fusion can provide the food and beverage industries of Atlantic Canada with the following services:

Sanitary Welding – Sanitation is important in most industries, but especially in the food and beverage industries. Our sanitary welding service can provide you with easy to clean, nonporous stainless steel surfaces that will make sanitation a breeze.

Equipment Fabrication – You need high-quality, reliable equipment in order to work to your highest level. And that’s just what we provide. When you need innovative and well-designed equipment, we’re the one and only company you need to get in touch with.

Conveyor system fabrication and installation – You can’t work at your highest capacity without a reliable and well-made conveyor system. Here at Complete Fusion, we have the expertise and experience you need to fabricate and install conveyor systems that make your business tick.

Ventilation systems – Food and beverage facilities often experience high heat energy loads. We can provide a well-working, well-installed ventilation system that will be key to keeping those temperatures at manageable levels.

Boiler installations – Do you need your facility or process to be at a precise temperature as part of your food and beverage manufacturing process? Then our boiler installation service can help.

Packaging equipment installation – You need packaging equipment that will result in high-quality packaging and more efficient processes. We have just the solution that you need. Get in contact today to ask about our packaging equipment installation.

Loading dock installation – Your loading dock needs to handle heavy loads, high traffic, and plenty of productivity. That’s why we install loading docks that can handle anything that’s thrown at it and which stand the test of time.

Mezzanine and catwalk fabrication – Looking for platforms and structures that are strong, reliable, and in line with your specific demands? We manufacture mezzanines and catwalks that will be the perfect fit for your facility.

Manufactured with Health and Safety In Mind

Here at Complete Fusion, we offer a full service that takes the stress out of your installations. We offer a turn-key installation that we manage from start to finish, including concept development, engineering, equipment selection, and equipment installation. We are experts at everything related to sanitary welding and fabrication. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind that all fabrications and installations are of the highest standards when it comes to quality and food safety.

We manage this by ensuring our staff receive annual training in a range of food safety programs, including the following:

GMPs – GMPs stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. They refer to the elementary operational conditions that manufacturers must follow to produce safe goods. They help to ensure that the food manufacturing process is done in a clean and safe environment. Our team knows exactly what it takes to be GMP-compliant.

HACCP – Having HACCP accreditation is our way of showing our customers that we have a commitment to health and safety. HACCP are international standards for controlling the safe production of food.

BRC – BRC stands for British Retail Consortium, but its scope is global and wide-ranging. It was created so that there were standards of due diligence, and so that manufacturers could protect their customers and be in line with their legal requirements.